"Let the younger brethren, then, honor their seniors, and the seniors love their juniors."
(Rule of St. Benedict Ch. 63)
"They should labor with chaste love at the charity of the brotherhood" (Ch. 72:8).

Recreation at the Mother House - France
Novitiate in France
Sr. M. Yvonne at the Mother House
A Path of our Passover
"These things the Lord,
working through his Holy Spirit,
will deign to show in his workman,
when he has been purified from vice and sin"
Rule of St. Benedict Ch. 7:70).

Day after day, by taking responsibility for our lives with simplicity and courage we renew our profession even until the Day of the Lord.
A Path of Humility
All the sisters, handicapped or in good health, put their potential, their talents and their weaknesses in common for all "carry their treasure in earthen vessels"
(2 Cor 4:7).
hatever our physical condition may be, it is one of the means by which we follow Christ in his Passover to the Father. It is not in spite of our handicaps and weaknesses that we go to God, but with them.
A Path of Joy
"Our hearts are open wide and the way of God's commandments is run in a sweetness of love that is beyond words"
(Rule of St. Benedict Prol. 49).
Community Life is a Path of Fraternal Charity
Living together "elbow to elbow"in joy and simplicity authenticates the truth of our search for God.