We work in silence. Our witness to the presence of God among us is proportionate to the depth of our silence.

We work in collaboration with our sisters. Together we can do what would have been impossible individually.

Remunerative work is different in each of our monasteries.
For example:

  •  liturgical vestments
  •  icons
  •  candles
  •  computer
  • work as sub-contractors, etc.
Whether we are engaged in manual or intellectual work, in important responsibilities or in small tasks adapted to those with less strength, all things can become for us the sacrament of an encounter with God.

Lived in this way, work becomes a way of going out to meet the Lord, a gift of self that opens onto joy.
"Helpers should be given to him, so that with their aid he may himself in tranquility perform the office entrusted to me ." (RB 31:17)