We live according to the Rule of Saint Benedict and venerate the Holy Patriarch of Monks as our father. Saint Benedict sought to "establish a school of the Lord's service" (Rule of St. Benedict Pro: 45).Benedictine nuns, like the monks for whom Saint Benedict wrote his Rule, live together in a monastery, "serving under a rule and an abbot"
(cf. Rule of St. Benedict 1:1).

Ora et Labora

Our proper charism within the Benedictine family is to embody a joyful participation in the Paschal Mystery of Christ.

Ours is a daily "Passover," lived out in the contemplation of Jesus Crucified and in the radiance of his resurrection.

The Amen of Jesus' Passion flowers in the Alleluia of his Resurrection. We too say our "Amen to the will of the Father and add to it the jubliant "Alleluia" that, in the Book of Revelation characterizes the liturgy of heaven.

We embody the Paschal Mystery in a monastic life that brings together sisters in good health and sisters in fragile health or with a physical handicap.

Each week, from Thursday evening to Sunday, we recall the Death and the Resurrection of Christ. Fridays are marked by the memory of the Passion of Christ; Sundays resound with paschal joy!

Benedictine life is articulated around three fundamental axes:

  • Prayer
    First of all there is the Eucharist, the source of our life.
    The Eucharist is prolonged in the Liturgy of the Hours.
    This, for Benedictines, is the "Work of God" to which nothing is to be preferred. It is the Work of the Church, received from her, and carried out in her name. Each Sister's personal search for God finds expression in lectio divina and in the time set aside for silent prayer.
  • Work
  • Fraternal Charity
    Let them bear with weaknesses, whether of body or of character, with the most tolerant patience. Let them vie with one another in showing mutual obedience.
  • Resume
Let no one follow what he thinks is useful to himself,
but what is of use to another.
Let them cherish mutual love chastely as brothers.(RB Ch. 72: 5-8)