Altar of the Church at the Mother House
We Seek God Following Christ
Persuaded that a defect of health cannot exclude from the religious life those whom God seems to call in an obvious way, the founder Father Maurice Gaucheron, and the foundress, Suzanne Wrotnowska  put in place the foundation of the Congregation in 1930.
In the Path of Obedience
They wanted a monastic life according to the Rule of St. Benedict, rhythmed by liturgical prayer and Lectio Divina, in silence, in fraternal charity, and work, a life marked by the love of Jesus Crucified.
In a Poverty of Strength That Obliges One to Wait on the Lord for Everything
The essential demands of the monastic tradition, more fundamental than any outward austerity are present in our life without being lessened in any way.
To the "Amen" of adoration we join the "Alleluia" of a jubilant joy.
With One Heart, In Peace, Simplicity & Joy
Our life was so arranged that all the sisters - those in poor health, the physically handicapped, and those in good health - could share the same life.

Our life is summed up in the words of the liturgy: